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  • Mackenzie Carter

    Mackenzie Carter

    Purpose: to know how things work to make better decisions/intentions/solutions.

  • Dr John Patrick Keefe II

    Dr John Patrick Keefe II

    My name is Dr. John Keefe II, and I am a Wedding Officiant in OKC, and a licensed minister in the state of Oklahoma. http://www.lifelongweddingceremonies.com/

  • Onexlab


    Teaching & Developing For Startups

  • Laurie Sanii

    Laurie Sanii

  • gari nickson

    gari nickson

    Resourceful,determined&passionate individual.I Like a bit of an adventure. #Entrepreneur. #Construction, Based in creative #CPH. Co-founder @QuickInspect

  • Maura Sateriale

    Maura Sateriale

    comedienne, writer, scientist, eats burritos

  • Erin Leonhart

    Erin Leonhart

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